"Oblation" African Ankara Art Frame | I am Empowered

It's been said that, as humans, our beliefs, experiences, and thoughts shape our words (and actions). In essence, "show me your thoughts, and I can predict your actions and reactions in certain circumstances."  As an African woman who has experienced female repression at some point, and has watched the plight my fellow women (especially growing up in the African culture) as they sometimes are forced to accept living as second or third class citizens just because of their gender, female empowerment is a topic that consumes a significant part of my thoughts and hence my actions/reactions.  This topic is the inspiration behind my original work "Oblation" African Ankara Art Frame .

This work of art depicts an African woman, surrounded by beautiful Ghanaian Kente design, pouring out her soul in Oblation.  This is a picture, not of a woman who has finally accepted to be defined by society, culture, and her male counterpart.  This is a picture, not of a woman who had once fought  against bigotry, misogyny, and abuse, who had lost the battle against inequality and finally accepted her feministic fate as defined by the men around her.  NO, this is not a picture of defeat, but of defiance.  This is a picture of a woman who is finally saying ENOUGH!  This is a picture of a woman pouring herself out to her creator who loves her just the way she is.  This is a picture of a determined woman who finally says, "I CAN, AND I WILL." 

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