The Water of Life: An Inspiring African Folklore

“Once upon a time, there was a strong and highly influential African Chief who fell terribly ill.  To save the chief, one of his children must travel through the forest of a thousand demons in order to procure the water of life.  Although the chief had many sons, none of these strong men were willing to risk their lives to save the chief.  But the youngest, and only daughter, of this chief boldly volunteered to take the dangerous trip to save her father’s life.” 

This story is an example of the many beautiful and inspirational African folklores as passed down for many generations.  The “Water of Life” story, points to the significance and importance of women in traditional African history.  The traditional African woman is bold, fearless, and selfless.

This story is the inspiration behind TIWA IMPORTS’ product- African Ankara Art Frame | Ghanaian Kente | Water of Life | 16X20 .  TIWA IMPORTS strives to promote and share the rich culture of African in the most beautiful and elegant ways. At TIWA IMPORTS, we celebrate the uniqueness and strength of women as daughters, mothers, friends, lovers, and most importantly, human beings! 

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