Our Story | TIWA IMPORTS LLC | The Journey to Finding Destiny

Anyone who has ever been to Africa and spent time in that beautiful continent has noticed the complexity and richness that exists in the diverse cultures, ethnicities, foods, colors, languages and dialects, attire, and beliefs. Yes, Africa is a diverse continent with diverse cultures but there are common themes among Africans: the love of arts and culture, the vibrant colors, and the appreciation of nature. 

Yet, in the presence of this beautiful picture lies the undeniable needs of children (often orphaned), women, disabled, and misunderstood, whose voices are yearning to be heard, and whose needs are too significant to be abandoned.

As an African woman, born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria, I have spent the last several years trying to subdue the ever present desire to showcase and share the beauty of the African culture with the entire world, while providing a voice for those children and women whose voices have been muffled. My hesitation wasn't because I was scared, but mainly because I just didn't know how to showcase the amazing intricacies of the culture!  For years I stuck with what I called my "comfort zone"— I was good at school, so I went and got my PhD in Biomedical Sciences and became a scientist.  But the aforementioned desire refused to leave.  So, I got my MBA and worked for private organizations combining science and business, but the desire kept on nagging like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Finally, I decided to take a step back, dropped everything regarding my career for a whole year, and started with a clean slate. Not long after this decision, TIWA IMPORTS was born.  

TIWA IMPORTS is a Limited Liability Company with a mission to cherish and share the beauty and colors of Africa with the world, while providing a voice for those in need in Africa. TIWA IMPORTS sells high quality, authentic African (and African inspired) art and home decor and uses 100% of its proceeds to care for African orphans and women.

TIWA IMPORTS is currently partnering with Eruobodo House and Ebunoluwa Foundation to provide adequate care and education for the mentally and physically disabled children (often orphans) in Nigeria.

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Taiwo Koyejo, President and Founder TIWA IMPORTS, LLC