Our Mission

Our Mission

At TIWA IMPORTS LLC, it is important for us to help those in need. That is why we partnered with Eruobodo House and Ebunoluwa Foundation, as well as give 100% of our proceeds to help care for the orphaned children and women of Africa. Orphaned children, women, the disabled, and many others living in Africa are waiting to have their voices heard and get the support and care they deserve. When you purchase these beautifully handcrafted African art pieces from our talented artists, you can help us make it possible for these women and children to get the care and education they need and their voices heard.

TIWA IMPORTS wants to make a difference and help those in need in the African community, specifically Nigeria. Help us as we work to help others and shop through our collection of beautiful artwork and home decor pieces.

More than a decoration: handwoven African raffia baskets and mats.

For centuries, locals in the northern and western parts of Africa have relied on the locally grown Raffia grass for crafting durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly storage containers.  For the agrarian societies, the baskets woven from the local raffia grass provided sturdy and reliable way to store grains and seeds for the next planting season. To them, these baskets and mats were more than just decorative pieces, but a means of economic sustainability.  Our Artist, Mallam Bashiru is from a village in Kano in the Northern part of Nigeria and has been working on Raffia grass arts for many years.  Mallam Bashiru is also a farmer who spends the time in between planting and harvest to craft baskets, bowls, mats, and other decorative pieces from the local raffia grass.  He sells to locals and travels to different parts of Nigeria to sell his crafts.  His passion is to introduce these beautiful artistic pieces to different cultures.  TIWA IMPORTS LLC is working with him to fulfill this dream, and we offer his handmade African baskets that can be used everyday or as beautiful wall decor.

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Preserving the African heritage: African hand-carved Ebony wood statues and African molded sculptures.

Africa is known for a variety of dynasties, kingdoms, and monarchies. For centuries, every kingdom and dynasty in Africa preserved its history, culture and religion through wood carvings and figurines. These carvings were displayed in palaces all across the different kingdoms. Today, African artists continue this legacy of cultural preservation through wood carvings and sculpture molding. Our Artist, Mr. Oba, moved from the Eastern part of Nigeria to Lagos several years ago in order to gain more exposure for his work.  TIWA IMPORTS LLC works with Mr. Oba to promote African wood carvings and molded sculptures across different cultures and tell the story of the African heritage through these beautiful art works.

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Nubia heritage: African-inspired handmade ceramic vases and pots.

As far back as 5000 BC, the Nubians from the eastern parts of Africa were known for their art of pottery making.  More than just decorations, these East African designed pots were part of the early civilization in Africa and used for daily essentials such as drinking cups and water jugs.  At TIWA IMPORTS LLC, we received the inspiration for our African-inspired handmade ceramic vases from these early arts of Nubia pottery making.  The white and black hand carved design of our collection, provide a nostalgia reminiscent of this East African heritage. In addition, each of our ceramic products adopts its name from the Swahili language--- “Zuri” (beautiful),“Zuberi” (strong), “Aisha” (life), “Jelani” (mighty), “Imani” (faith).

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The sound of nature: African designed safari table runners.

The sound of nature—of palm trees waving back and forth to the tune of the wind, of giraffes gently munching on the tender leaves of a newly emerged branch, of elephants majestically leading their broods across the safari, of peacocks gloriously displaying their beautiful feathers. The beauty of Africa is magnificently showcased in its natural resources.  Our designer, Mrs. Adeola Badmus (Deolashayfaari), has captured this magnificent display of African nature in TIWA IMPORTS’ African designed table runner collection.  Deolashayfaari’s aim is to promote the richness and vibrancy of the African culture through creating top-notch designs using locally made textiles. TIWA IMPORTS LLC works with Mrs. Adeola Badmus to promote the natural beauty of Africa through these designs.

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Ankara take over: Ankara throw pillows and art frames.

For ages, traditional fabrics such as Ankara, Aso Oke, Kente, and Adire, have defined the typical traditional West African wardrobe. These fabrics were significant parts of the African culture not only because of the beautiful patterns and colors but also because they showcase the culture and heritage of the African people, and often helped distinguish African royalty.  In recent years, the Ankara fabrics (including the Kente fabric) have begun to find their way into other cultures across the globe.  At TIWA IMPORTS, our goal is to create an awareness and expand the promotion of the Ankara fabrics in other cultures outside of Africa.  Using the most unique and carefully selected Ankara lace fabrics, we have designed beautiful hand-crafted royal (“Queen Sheba”) throw pillows that speak to both the beauty and elegance of the African Ankara fabrics. In addition, we have artfully created one of a kind art frames using Ankara and African handmade batik fabrics.  These unique frames provide a novel way to display the traditional African fabrics as works of art.  Each of our Ankara art frames tells a unique story from the African traditional folklore. 

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